Salad Magazine Issue 2
Cover description

A line drawing of a whitetail deer. The drawing is split in half vertically: The left half of the drawing is of a live deer with a gold background. The right half of the drawing is of a deer skull, colored in gold with a black background. The antler of the skull is glowing in a brighter shade of gold. The entire image has a distressed texture. The text in the bottom right corner reads "Salad Magazine Issue 2: Half/Crown/Illuminate."

Letter from the editor

Time flies when you're not working on your submission having fun, and it's already time for issue 2! This month's themes were half, crown, and illuminate, which were loose enough to inspire some really cool and unique interpretations. Once again, I was blown away by the volume of submissions we got. Not too bad for a fledgeling zine!

I did the cover art this time around. It was fun to play around with, so I hope you enjoy it... later! For now, stop looking at that and go look at the actual submissions!

Table of contents

The next issue

The next issue will be published in July with the themes ink, sparkling, and snails. If you've got any ideas, we'd love to have them! Check out the submission page for more information.