Salad Magazine Issue 1: Sea, Sunshine, Café
Cover description

cover for the salad zine. the title is shown at the top. the bottom reads "issue #1: sea, sunshine, cafe." the middle is divided into three vertical panels of lineless digital art. the left panel depicts a humanoid figure in green with six arms, stretching up toward a sun with alternating yellow and gold rays. the rays of the sun extend over the border of the middle and right panels. the middle panel depicts a green teacup with steam swirling around it and rising from it. a blue figure sits in the liquid like a bath, leaning against the edge of the cup. the right panel depicts a large blue ocean wave, upon which a green quadrupedal creature with a long, striped tail sails a small wooden boat with a paddle and sail.

Description by Hex

Letter from the editor

Welcome to the debut issue of Salad Magazine! With any luck, it'll be the first of many. The themes for this month are sea, sunshine, and café: a sunny escape for those in the temperate Northern hemisphere, and seasonally appropriate for those in the tropics and temperate Southern hemisphere! This issue's cover has been graciously provided by Hex and Owl.

We hope you enjoy your day at the beach with us!

Table of contents

The next issue

The next issue will be published in April with the themes crown, illuminate, and half. If you've got any ideas, we'd love to have them! Check out the submission page for more information.