Salad Magazine
Certified inorganic!


If you're fine with a slightly higher level of committment, you can volunteer to help out with the zine! Please email me k [at] kalechips [dot] net with your interest(s), relevant work examples, and modes of contact. I can also be reached on Discord, but you'll have to either join the server or email me to get my username.

The volunteer list only runs for each issue, so let me know if you're interested in staying on for the next one.

Art volunteers

Art volunteers are available to work on issue covers. This will either be a solo mission or a collaborative effort depending on how many people sign up.

The July cover will be a special sparkling ink snail collaboration. If you are interested in drawing a snail, let me know! The only requirements are that you must draw a snail, the medium must be ink, and it must be sparkly (sparkly ink, sparkly details in the drawing, or other means of adding sparkle are all fine).

Coding volunteers

Coding volunteers are available to help slap submissions onto webpages. You need to have a good grasp on accessible code (at minimum, understand semantic HTML and responsive design).

  • Kale (me) - k [at] kalechips [dot] net or Discord (email for username)
  • Owl - owlsroost [at] riseup [dot] net

Coding help volunteers

Coding help volunteers are available to answer coding questions, but don't actually do any coding. You'll still need to understand accessible code (see the coding section).

  • Kale (me) - k [at] kalechips [dot] net or Discord (email for username)

Writing volunteers

Writing volunteers proofread and/or help with image descriptions. If this is something you're interested in helping out with, please let me know which of the two you want to do.

  • Hexephre (proofreading and IDs) - social media links
  • Kale (me) (proofreading and IDs) - k [at] kalechips [dot] net or Discord (email for username)